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A Real Entry! Jinkees!

I didn't spell Jinkees right.

Well everyone, after a long hiatius, i'm returning to real journal entry writing. I know it's been a long time, but I've been... rather... hmm. I don't really know why I haven't written. Laziness, I expect.

Some things to note: I've become extremely active on the Support Board. Back to the level I was at at the beginning of August, which some of you may know was very active :) I spend more time doing support, or pretending to do support, than I do at anything else during the week. On weekends I have a tendancy to wander around Alan or other places a bit more randomly, but during the week I "work" on homework while working on Support. The difference between then and now is that I'm actually almost good at it now ;) I've been tackling some pretty damn hard Customization requests, and beating them down with the ugly stick. Very fun :)

I think a fairly large part of my not writing has been due to feeling rather lacksidasical in terms of how happy I am. I've been having a bit of a rough time with that girl as of late, as some of you may know, and some of you don't. I'm not going to expound upon it. Those of you who really care probably already know ;) However, the important reason I AM posting this is because our problems seem to have cleared up. That Other Sarah that was inhabiting her screen name and phone voice was just a replacement placed on earth while she was abducted by aliens. I'll post bits of the conversation in the fandom filter later. (Most of the non-support people are in the fandom filter, just because it's where I post my useless crap.) So, I'm a much happier person right now :) I get to go home in a week and 3 (or 4. I might be going home on saturday morning) days. And then I get to see her again. Our conversation tonight was reminisicent of how we used to act. It was a very nostalgic (thanks tenshisama!) evening. I was up in my bed (yes, i'm on the top bunk, 15 feet from the machine - twas fun) typing back and forth silly comments to her... *wistful sigh* I just want to cuddle with her again. Anyway, that aspect of my life is just amazing now - i'm once again dating the coolest girl I've ever met. And that makes me so happy I can't even tell you.

(Heard in the hall: "Um, why don't you leave your personal life to yourself?" I don't want to know. Also, it's 11:40 at night, and my roomate just ordered a pizza. Interesting)

Math test I took a week and a half ago came back with a 95 (and a good job!) thank goodness! I really needed that grade to stay above water in that class. If i work my ass of for the Final, I just MIGHT have the chance of getting an A.

Music test came back on Monday. 83%. Not as good as the last one (93%) or the paper I wrote for that class (95%), but I can pull off an A fairly easily, so long as I keep showing up to class.

My CS exam is still being graded. It was all proofs, so it's taking a bit longer than expected. However, everyone claims they did horrible (and I didn't feel too bad about it) - so I'm thinking that might be a good thing ;)

Photo - Need to print some contact sheets before class tomorrow. Need to get some scissors from somewhere in order to do that. *Looks around the room* I don't see any :)

I've been really slacking off in keeping up with friends. I hardly ever talk to Carolyn anymore, and a lot of my other friends too. I'm gonna try to catch back up with them pretty soon.

I'm going to be waking up at 8 tomorrow so i can print before music class - I think i'mg going to try and borrow some scissors from someone and go to bed.

This really didn't turn out as long as i expected it to... I can't remember what I've written about recently. Thinking about it, I don't think I've written about the Chicago trip to see Blue man and Second City - will do that tomorrow if i get some extra non-printing time.

Oh, and If you are at all support inclined, take a look at this. If you're wondering why I haven't been active today, that's why. I'll restart on thursday - it just sucked all the life out of me, I need some time off :)

You guys are great. leave me lots of comments so I can be happy. Time for this little piggy to go to bed :)
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