Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

update, cause she told me to

Tonight, I was very scared, when laura reached for angie's boobs. I got an 83% on my music exam - i can still pull off an A fairly easily in that class. No one shows up to math class anymore. I'm always lazy and never update - i think this will soon go the way of all my other journals and have large month long gaps between posts. :) i miss my girlfriend, and am very glad she's not upset at me. she's still wrong though. it's just like her to say silly things, like how she says that *I* initiated our first kiss. Silly sarah :)

I like school. my headache is recurring. that sucks. i think i'm going to run a metma secret santa. if you'd like in, or at least would be interested, check with your parents, and comment here. Ashley is in my room as always. Sergio isn't. she's now talking to her boyfriend while doing her homework. in my room. hmmm. i wonder if i'm letting this go too far.

i love sarah. i miss her. and she's still wrong ;)

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