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Day 3 of Vacation

On Sunday, we had french toast for breakfast. We then prepared to go hiking, making lunches and whatnot and stuff. We packed our BLT's all up, then got on the road. Nana was coming in the car with us (7 people in an Aerostar, woo), and mary and pat (aunt and uncle) and their two kids (sara and drew, ages 5 and 2) were driving in their own car. The hike was about 30 miles away. On the way, mary and pat pull up alongside our car and shout to let us know they forgot their lunches at the campsite. So, we had to stop at a gas station on the way there to pick up some lunch stuff.
We got to the hike, after making two wrong turns and driving a mile down a one lane gravel road. Ate lunch in the parking lot, since by that time it was 12:30. We began the hike, a 2 mile affair to a waterfall. We were walking quite a ways, and we found a pool that we thought was it. Stopped, swam in REALLY cold water, then realized the waterfall was just up the hill. a very cool waterfall - 20 feet tall, etc. I'll try to get some pics up soon.
Anyway, we (sarah, dave, tony and i) all climbed on up to the top of the waterfall. After watching a couple locals jump into the (apparently) deep water from the 20 foot cliff, dave did the same. I followed, then tony, then, after a bit of hesitation and being walked over without glasses, sarah. Very thrilling.
Walked back. Sarah and I got there first. sat around, ate some snacks, then trundled back home. That was all the excitement for that day, as far as i remember. Of course, this was a week ago already, so who knows.

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