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a short ramble...

I'm tired. why do i stay up? i don't know. I just do. but I think now is the time to go to bed. Because if i don't, i won't get up until after lunch, and then i get relaly hungry by the time dinner rolls around. I didn't get an answer on all the cust stuff - no privs were up for doing work on the board, and i hate just writing more answers for stuff that (for the most part) has answers. hopefully someone will do an approval run tomorrow and get rid of some of it, so i have something that's actually finishable to look at. this is just rambling before i go to bed. Update on grades this week - Math 242 exam: 95%, Music 130 Concert Review: 95%, Chem Hourly exam 86%. Waiting on CS173 grade (supposedly by tuesday, which means a week from tuesday, usually). Waiting on CS173 HW6. Waiting on Music130 exam (friday morning). We'll see. And now it's bed time.

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