Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

nanowrimo subjects

Chris The Illini: what can i write about?

cuddlemonkey11: write about a boy who turns into a computer
cuddlemonkey11: and his pet goat

Nostrademos: write about....
Nostrademos: a hippopotamus
Nostrademos: that's purple
Nostrademos: and dying
Nostrademos: because its lake dried up

TayngoMauren: an evil taxidermist
TayngoMauren: love
TayngoMauren: snails

littlestphl: hmm
littlestphl: sarah?

vernie4: ummm, sarah???

FleetingDarknes: Darkness and evilness.
FleetingDarknes: :D
FleetingDarknes: A horrifyingly painful love epic.

Eyershman (11:47:54 PM): Pornography

DaveM15(11:48:25 PM): pornography

Dreamer65: Cheese.

Balaa Lioness: The horrors of being a college student.

kioshin0: your a white male from a nice suburb from a relativly wealthy family...write about groing up on the streets in the city ghetto :-)

NYRanger5: how zenisek should check himself into a mental hospital

Fostytou: ummmm
Fosttou: not writing a novel

SexyTiki: vanilla twist vodka

AieAnneGreer: I dunno... I'm still trying to decide what I should write about.

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