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As the tears fall from my eyes...
I wonder why it is that I cry
I never thought that this could be...
that you could lose your trust in me.

We said forever in solemn tones
the forever we would call our own.
And yet, at the end of a restless week,
my face, my heart, my soul are meek.

I do not know what you seek,
I do not know on which tall peak,
the magic that once lived inside
has now decided to run and hide.

You were my everything, and you are still
And yet I sit as if waiting to be killed.
I gave you all I had, it's true.
What I've got, I still give to you.

I do not know why this happened now
I do not know how, how HOW!
The love that once did live inside
could curl up, shrivel and die.

Without you, I am nothing.
Without me, you may be the same.
It's not my ego that says this you see...
It's my heart that is to blame.

I hope you see that I’m truthful,
that I can tell no lies.
Because everything going on inside me
shows itself through my eyes.

Sarah, I don't know what else I can say. I want to make it all better, but I know that's not possible. I can only hope not to make it any worse than I already have.

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