Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


I miss Halloween.

Back home, I would always enjoy all the decorations. I liked walking around and seeint all the houses that were totally decked out for Halloween. We never did much, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the season.

I would always trick or treat. My parents would always say no and then let me go out anyways. It was always fun to act like a kid again for just one night... To go out, and forget about all that homework and other crap, and just get candy from unsuspecting strangers. I dont' think I'll ever get to actually get candy again...

Then again, maybe when I'm grown up, and have kids, and get to walk around with them, i'll get some feeling of nostalgia. When Sarah and I just kind of stroll along while the kids run up and down to the houses... looking at it now, it seems almost romantic. I always thought it would just be a pain in the but for most parents when I was younger, but I can see how it might be enjoyable.

Then again, there isn't much that I can think of doing with Sarah that doesnt' seem enjoyable. I'd love to do anything with her. I love just walking with her, strolling along, Or just sitting with her and enjoying the weather, or just looking into her eyes.... every now and then I'll just do that, just lean back and look. She's gorgeous, she really is. I can't think of any other way to describe her.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. Now go scare some kiddies and steal their candy.

Thank you. have a nice day.

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