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A weekend

Warning - If you are in a long distance relationship where you do not get to see your Significant Other often or at all, you may or may not want to read this. It is full of Sappy Sappy romantic stuff about my weekend home. You were warned.

I'd just like to state, early on in this entry, that I absolutely adore Sarah with my entire heart and soul. She is amazing in every sense of the word, and in all the people I've ever met, never before have I seen someone like her.

Anyway, now that we’re past that...

I went home this weekend. For the first time in three weeks, I got to see salleokSarah. I was very excited, for good reasons.

I miss her while I’m here. I try and cope by making friends here and hanging out with them. I sleep with a teddy bear to be able to pretend I’m holding her in my arms. Sure, you can all say I’m a huge dork, or a loser, or whatever. But I miss her a hell of a lot, and I just try to do the little things to make it better. When I came down here, I didn’t have pictures of my family... just Sarah. That has changed, but I still have more pictures of her than my family. I dream of her, and a lot of my daydream time is spent thinking about when I’ll see her next.

So, I got home. My mom didn’t want me to go home. It’s expensive, so I do understand, to a certain extent. But I was looking at the prospect of going home this weekend, or not seeing her for seven weeks. For those of you who aren’t doing long distance relationships, seven weeks is a long time. For those of you who are, you know what I mean.

There were more reasons than this to get home. For those of you who are regular readers of the journal, you may have noticed that at two distinct points in time in the past two weeks I have acted very depressed and lonely sounding. This is a result of depression from problems in talking with Sarah. At one point, she told me she didn’t think she loved me anymore, at another she told me that she just wished she could curl up in a corner for the weekend. So, I must say my reasons for coming home were not altogether altruistic in any sense of the word. However, I still wanted to see her. So, I did -

I took a bus from Chambana at 2:50pm on Friday. I picked up a timetable on the way to the bus, thinking I’d plan my schedule out on the way home. That was a joke and a half - I slept the whole way home ;).

Arrived at Oakbrook 15 minutes late 0 5:05pm. Picked up by dad in the Corolla. Went home, saw family. Ate dinner. Sat for a while, picked out classes with parents. Went to the football game. Arrived towards the end of the 1st quarter. I was going to try to surprise Sarah by coming from behind and giving her a hug. Unfortunately, one of her friends saw me before I could get down there. Blah. I’ll never surprise her, I swear ;). Anyway, we just hugged... for like two minutes. It happens when we get reunited. We both get this sappy grin on our faces and stand there. Eventually we sat down, and just kind of leaned on each other. I said hi to some people that I haven’t seen in a long time, including 4 or 5 cheerleaders from last year. It was defiantly a fun experience. H ad some hot chocolate (it was pretty cold out). We were doing pretty well in the game. After halftime, it started raining, and the band got told they could go home. Rather than stay in the rain and watch a game by myself while my girlfriend sat at home, I decided that I would forego the remainder of the game in order to spend more time with her. We cuddled and talked a little bit more in the Cadillac before we went back over to her house, as well as on the way there. But even though it wasn’t really "happy" talk necessarily, it was still okay. We got to her house, and *gasp* watched a movie! (Once again, for those of you who don’t know, this is the typical pattern when at Sarah’s house: "So, whacha wanna do?" "I dunno. How bout a movie?" "Okay." Of course, then there is the discussion on which one to pick which is a whole other story.) We watched The Manhattan Project, a 1980’s movie about a kid who builds his own atomic bomb. It wasn’t a bad movie - reminded me a lot of War Games, which is another very good movie. After the movie we kinda sat, trying to stretch my time at her house as long as possible. Battlebots was on at 12:30, so, we decided to watch that. I said we should make some kind of food if I was staying, and was taught the art of Microwave brownies. That’s right – no oven to cook your brownies in? Just pop them in the Microwave! They were actually just as good as normal brownies... when they were fresh. I hear they get hard after a very short period of time. In any case, that was fun. We then discussed the evolution of BattleBots. It was good times. Eventually I had to go home however. I did so, and ended up going online to pick my course schedule while there.

( edit: continuing... )
So I went to sleep around 3am or so. I knew we were going to breakfast with the fmaily in the morning, so I didn't stay up too late :) Woke up at around 8:45, Dad asked if I was up, I said no, was planning on waking up at 9 because I thought we were eating at 9:30. Turns out plans had changed and no one told me :) So, woke up at 9 and got dressed, went to breakfast (club #3 at springview - good meal, go eat there. not too expensive, not great food, but it wakes you up). Came home, and started making out my list of things to buy for the room.

Oreos, Fruit Snacks, Popcorn, Chips (ruffles), Chips (tortilla), pop tarts, granola bars, halloween candy, vanilla cremes, twizzlers

Plates, bowls, phone card

So Dad and I went to Aldi. We bought most of the stuff there. We then headed out to sams club, where I purchased such monstrositeis as a 48 snickers box and a package of 36 pop tarts. ;) Also bought phone card. Came back, went to jewel and picked up some stuff for my mom. I came home, went through winter clothes in my brothers closets in order to determine what they didn't wear. I have now tripled my repitoire of winter clothing.

Finally, around 2pm when I finished everything, I was going to call Sarah. And I thought to myself: "Self, what is a romantic thing to do in the fall with your girlfriend?" and the answer was: Apple Picking! Apple picking indeed. So, I called her up.

me: "Hey!"
her: "hey."
me: "Do you want to go apple picking?"
her: "huh?"
me: *sigh* "Alright, we're going apple picking. I'm going to be here for another 10 minutes. call your parents, if ti's a problem call me, if not, i'll be at your house in under 30 minutes."

So, we went to pine apple orchards, which as a new name. We came from Rt 38, which I'm not used to... so we got to this farm building, and I was like, hmm, this doens't look right. Looked around, and it was all pumpkins. I was sure we were lost. Then Sarah pointed out that one more block up there was a side street, which led to another barn - the apple picking barn :) So, we did that. Picked red wine and some other kind of apples. Bought cider and apple spice donuts, and brought them home. We decided we'd stay at my house for dinner since we were going to a jazz concert that night with my parents and dave and his girlfriend. So, we "watched" goldfinger. (We actually watched a pretty fair amount of it - more than any other movie we've watched at my house, I think.) After that, it was time for pizza. Katie, dave, me, sarah, tony, mom, and dad all ate pizza from armands. After that, it was time to head out to the concert, so we did. We dropped tony off at the high school play on the way (although he forgot money, so we had to go back and give him some ;)). The jazz concert was at ECC. We hung out front for a while, then went in. It was a very good time... Sarah and I just kind of leaned on each other and snuggled the whole time. Very cool concert too - everything from a string quartet (plus an extra viola and chello) to a dj out there with turntables.

After the concert, we went back to my house. Sarah called her parnets and asked if i could come over and watch a movie. Answer was yes. So, we went over there. Decided we'd watch ocean's 11. Also decided we'd watch it on the new tv and dvd player on their new futon in the old den. So we did. Enjoyed that, as i haven't watched it in a while. He kicked me out around 12:30. Went home, and got on the computer. Talked in a metma chat with derek and sarah for a while, and decided that derek and i would go to starbucks in the morning, even though he had "no money".

Went to sleep. Woke up an hour early because i forgot to set the time back. woke up an hour later, Picked him up, Went there, got my drink and a drink for my mom, had coffee with him, took him home. went back to my house, packed up all my food, (in a second bag ;)) and went to sarah's to hang out before katie got there.

katie arrived on time, around 10am, and informed us we would be meeting ken at her house. We wandered around sarah's for a bit, then went back to katies. She's a fairly good driver, in my limited experience. She didn't do anything that I couldn't have seen myself doing the exact same thing.

We got to katie's house, took a grand tour, and waited 15 minutes for ken. (that's on time for him, by the way). He arrived, we went to lunch at stratford and we got on the road.

We were going to Great America. From Katie's house in schaumburg, that should be about an hour drive. We left katie's house at 11 or 11:15. We arrived at 1:15. I wont' even describe the anger I felt by the time we got there. It's nto neccesary, and i don't feel like going over it again.

Anyway, we got there. We rode whizzer, we rode teacups, we lost ken and didn't have his cell number, we ate funnel cake, we rode Iron Wolf, we walked through the scary part (twas nice to have sarah cuddled up against me... she's such a scaredy cat ;)). We decided it was too damn cold and it was time to go home. It was a short trip, but it was nice to go back.

A Great America person dressed up as Louis XIV pointed at Katie and said "An Excellent neck for the guillitine". It was funny, cause Katie says he does that EVERY TIME ;)

We went home. Sarah and I slept in the back seat the whole way (plus some kissing and talking and so on). Went back to Sarah's, ate lasagna for dinner. VERY GOOD lasagna. ;) Went out for pie afterwards, got pumpkin and her her french silk. Paid for with gift certificates from FPS team at graduation! woo!

I took sarah back. Said my goodbyes (it's hard every time). I went back to home, said goodbye to family, picked up my stuff and left. Traffic and rain were bad, so i came within 5 minutes of missing the bus.

Slept the whole way back, and came back to the dorm (carrying all my shit was hella hard - had like 20 pounds of food plus 20 pounds of clothes plus books and stuff). Unpacked the food, sat on the computer, and went to sleep.

A wonderful weekend. Best of the three so far. lots of cuddling time with sarah, but also lots of activity, which was way more fun. We got time alone, time with other people, and in general just had fun.

I love her. So much. I miss her. A ton. but it's goign to be okay. Weekends like this make me remember why we're doing this.

(reposted because I added like 3 pages of text to it and i just finished.)

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