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Disabling WebPopups
For those nasty new breeds of lying scheming popups:
These are Windows Messenger Service popups. To disable this service (this is DIFFERENT from Windows Messenger, don't worry), do the following: Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. Find the Messenger Service, right click on it, choose properties. Set it to Disabled.

Alternately, you could block ports 135-139 on your router/firewall/etc, as messenger uses these to send data.

The service is useful for internal networks so that the Sysadmin can send popup messages to users to alert them to changes in the network status and such.

Unfortunately, an ad-agency just started marketting a piece of software that uses this messenger service to spam entire blocks of IPs. They started selling it about a month ago, and as of two weeks ago, had already moved 500 or so copies. It is a pretty easy advertising scheme. Most
users don't know how to block it. They don't have to visit the webpage to get the advertisement. It's a shame Microsoft left this service ON by default. But, that's life, I suppose.

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tanks much, hopefully this will cut down on the demons in my computer, that is if the god of all evil (aka marvinboy) decides to let it

I was typing this out for a friend who was in the process of downloading a program that would "stop her ip from being broadcast on the network!" It's a new brand of pop up that looks like it's coming from microsoft, or from your computer itself. So, I needed somewhere to post it (it was on a UIUC newsgroup that she wouldn't have access to). I figured i'd post it in my journal.

Glad it'll help you. and if marvinboy doesn't allow it, i will destroy him with the demon controls i have in my hand at thiss very moment.

Oh, wow. Were all those random, weird-looking "HI, I'M TAMMY! SEE MY FIRST NUDE CAM POLE DANCE LIVE! LUV U LOTZ!" windows that pop up from Windows Messenger? That would explain a lot... I thought I had a porn virus or something. But I was too lazy to check up on it.

Should I set it to "Disabled" on the drop-down menu, or click the "Stop" button? Or both?

Stop stops it for now. Disabled sets it to not run on startup. So, if you set it to disabled and have since restarted your computer, it is gone. If you don't restart your computer very often, hit stop while you're there :)

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