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(no subject)


You're a Gin & Tonic! Smart, but mellow you let conversation come to you.

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Wow. That totally broke my friendpage.

Sorry, bro. I'm gonna have to take you off my friendlist. These quizzes bug the shit out of me.

Interesting. I did my best to fix the code up. It's behind an lj-cut now, so it shouldn't cause any more problems, and i try to keep most quizzes behind them to begin with. Sorry that it caused a problem, and sorry about the excess of them recently. I completely understand that you feel it's annoying. I generally agree, but there are a couple that I like the results of. If I posted every quiz i took, that would be a REAL annoyance :)

Hopefully you don't hate me because of it or anything. ;)

Have a good night!

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