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life is interesting. Lots of people in my life right now mean so much to me I can't even tell them at all and it's just nice that I don't even have to because they mostly know.

It's a cold and rainy saturday morning.

US loses an hour tomorrow morning.

Girls not here until around 8-9pm tonight.

Jess and kristan out shopping: should do some code, but don't really feel up to it.

Will probably watch movies this afternoon. Need to send back Farenheit 9/11 and get chicago from netflix. F 9/11 was pure propoganda. Not sure why it got so much hype.

Ooh. Harry Potter book. Order of the Phoenix. I bought it at Alicia' book fair. I read it before, but I've forgotten it. I think that's what I'll spend my morning doing until the females get back.

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(Deleted comment)
Still seems pretty ridiculous. I mean, it was crappily shot, crappily produced... I was hoping at least there would be a few more interesting *facts* in there. Some of it is almost informative: Information on how many Bin Ladins were taken away on planes after 9/11, before anyone else could fly is interesting, for example - but there's so little of it, and so much crappy speculation and propoganda, that it really just sucked.

Jess pointed out that there's enough that Bush did wrong without making ridiculous connections: you don't have to use propoganda, just tell the truth. Apparently, Mr. Moore disagrees.

I think people often mistakenly think that Moore's objective was to make a compelling case against Bush that would persuade others to adopt his point of view. I think Moore's real objective was to appear clever, and that everything else -- including the truth -- took a back seat to that.

In addition to the very long list of factual errors in the film -- and Moore's complete disregard for, you know, whether he's telling the truth or not -- I'm bothered that many of Moore's films seem to have this undercurrent of making it okay for his middle-class audience to laugh at poor people.

In the end, I think he has a way of making his audience feel clever -- more clever than their Republican neighbors -- by making himself look clever and by getting the audience to identify with him through his faux-folksy style. This is also why people who don't share his political views aren't persuaded by his films: if you don't agree with Moore, you don't find him clever; you find him condescending.

And I imagine this is why you found the movie short of factual content; such content would slow down the comedy and get in the way of what he's really trying to do.

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