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Trapped in Apple Store. No cell signal. No powerbook. is an encrypted stuffit file. Been waiting for more than an hour, line for genius bar has not yet moved. Send help.

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Can't help you, sorry. Unless it's something that can be done remotely.

Hey, can you go to a payphone and call me? I need to ask you something. :(

Haha. I'd come and get you, but I don't have the car, and you'd probably have died by the time I got there.

why are you waiting in the apple store?

Computer refused to start this morning. Refused to start with pram reset as well. Emitted slight burnt circutry odor when plugged in.

Took it to the apple store to get it shipped out for repairs.

Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

This is a comment on a totally unrelated subject, but do you have anything to do with the pvp_comic RSS feed?

Yes. I just fixed it. It'll be a couple hours before the latest one shows up.

Excellent - thank you!

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